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Abundant Works Enrichment Center






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Abundant Works program is person-centered and receptive to the needs and interests of each individual served. Each participant is encouraged to participate in educational, social, vocational, and recreational opportunities on a daily basis.    


Activities include but are not limited to the following:      

Motivational Movement - Participants will be encouraged to get moving to maintain their physical health. With nature walks (when weather permits), senior yoga, a weekly exercise instructor and much more, we are a guaranteed to stay in shape.


**Vocational Habilitation Participants in this area of the program will have the opportunity to learn different skills and/or trades that will allow them to earn a living with a group or as an entrepreneur. Skills such as Jewelry making, personalized garments, recipes in a jar etc. Office basics will be another area individuals will have the opportunity to learn if interested, this includes learning computer basics and reception skills need for office employment.

**OutingsParticipants will be encouraged to choose one weekly outing that is both recreational and educational.

Fun Fridays– TGIF Relax at the end of the week with the movie of the week, indoor bowling and bingo tournaments, one on one indoor basketball games, crafts, karaoke and much much more!

Table Talk – During our weekly sessions of Table Talk, we will take the time to discuss current events, brainstorm new ideas and activities for the center as well as discuss individual goal plans that our residients would like to work on.

Special Guests – Every other week we will have a special guest come and share an activity of their expertise i.e. cooking, painting, sewing, music therapy, acting classes etc. Participants will have the chance to try the activity as well.

(All special guests are subject to BCI checks prior to contact with participants)


Location:       15 Broad Street             Contact your SSA To Apply

                   SUITE 7                

                   AKRON, OH. 44305              




Abundant Works adheres to the "Free Choice of Provider" rule  (5123:2-9-11) which allows individuals with DD to choose an adult day support provider that is receptive to his/her needs and goals. Abundant Works Enrichment Center is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide Day Support services, Supported Employment Community, Vocational Habilitation, and Non-medical Transportation. Our program offers social, educational, recreational and vocational activities and are offered to individuals on the IO or Level One waiver.  **Transportation to and from the day program will also be offered.

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