About Us


Our Mission is...

Helping individuals in the community to have a quality life by assisting them in experiencing all that life has to offer. Ignoring what is viewed as limitations in their abilities, by encouraging them to push past those limitations, try new activities that are not the norm, teach them new skills that are not often offered, and by consistently encouraging a positive outlook on life.


Our Vision is...

Working together to improve, enhance, and enrich the lives of those we serve.


Our Values are...

Being committed to treating individuals with integrity, by providing quality service, in a caring, respectful, and professional manner. 


Our Services are...

Out the Box! Abundant Works Enrichment Services (AWES) offers a wide range of services to help individuals break free from the day-to-day, with programs like "ABUNDANT ARTISTIC ARTS", "Health, Beauty/Grooming, and Wellness", and "Adult Daily Living Skills Training."


Our Staff...

We are committed to providing quality services and we believe in order to do so we must have quality staff.  That's why our staff receives the required State Board certifications and BCII checks.  We also encourage and provide continuing education for each staff member. 







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15 Broad St. Suite 7 Akron Ohio 44305


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